How we work

Artistic use of natural light allied to strategic photographic lighting brings out the best in interior shots that enhance the mood and feel of your rooms. We photograph at different times of day to capture them at their best. And we use seasons to bring out atmosphere and mood – a roaring log fire in the snug on a winter’s night, a vibrant spring day with vivid fresh greens from the new foliage through to sun shafting through a window on a summer morning.

Bedroom photography has to work around availability so we operate around your booking and cleaning schedules wherever possible. Conference rooms and banqueting suites are expensive to take out of a busy schedule and because of this we are happy to work at weekends if this suits your business needs.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a fresh and experienced eye looking at your location. Or you know without doubt what you do best and can guide us. What’s the wow factor? We can tell the story and create great atmospheres with clever styling. Your back up here is essential. We love working with people who are passionate and enthusiastic about their business – it produces stunning work.

Larger jobs usually require a stylist. Having an extra pair of hands allows the photographer to produce more images as the stylist can focus on more imaginative presentation and prepare rooms in advance, We can suggest suitable props in our discussions beforehand…think magazines, fresh flowers, beautiful luggage, and soft inviting towels and robes, to mention just a few items.

When shooting staff portraits, kitchen action shots and photography of finished dishes, we plan our shoots around food preparation schedules.

After we have completed the photography we edit the shots and provide you with a set of high resolution digital images for use in brochures, magazines and tourist guides and another set at lower resolution for use on your web site and in e-mails.